SAWA Pure Wasabi Capsules


Sawa® 100% Wasabia japonica Capsules – Proven to Kill Cancer Cells.

These capsules are made from the most potent natural plant-based cancer fighter yet discovered.
The plant part used is the rhizome (swollen stem) of Wasabia japonica.

These Wasabia japonica are grown in running water under very controlled conditions. Only organic fertilisers are used to ensure that these rhizomes are the very best that can be produced.
After 18 to 24 months of careful nurturing, the plants are hand harvested and the rhizomes separated from the leaves, stems and roots.
The rhizome is then hand cleaned, inspected for quality and then immediately flash frozen and freeze-dried.
After the rhizome has been crushed, the powder is sent away to a couple of independent laboratories to test for the level of active compounds in the batch, and also for microbiological and pesticide contamination. Even though the grower does not use pesticides or herbicides and the processor works under clean area conditions each batch is independently tested to make sure no one has slipped up. This is to ensure that the end user gets the very best product.
The Wasabia japonica is then vacuum packed to retain freshness and the high activity levels of the cancer killing compounds. These pouches are stored in the freezer until they are required to produce the Sawa® 100% Wasabia japonica capsules.

To be used in the Sawa® 100% Wasabia japonica capsules the minimum level of Glucosinolates (the active stable compounds) must exceed 24,000 ppm.


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