Mosquito Coil Holders


Ceramic Mosquito Repellent holders

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Ceramic Mosquito Repellent Holder for Mosquito Repellent coils. Mosquito Coil Holders have a smooth finish and in-built mosquito coil spike holder. Great clean way to keep the mosquitoes at bay.  Mosquito coils are a great way to repel mozzies. This not only lessens irritating bites, but your peace of mind with no more irritating mozzie whining!!

Different types of Mosquito coils can be sourced either on line or at stores, some with incense, some with citronella etc. Burning Mosquito coils is perfect for evenings outside where mosquitoes disturb your ankles. Also good for indoors when cooking for repelling flies and Mosquitoes. Burn mosquito coils in the living area to repel the nasty little biters!!


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