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Pets & Natural Remedies – TURMERIC

Are natural remedies beneficial for our faithful??

You can bet they are. Pet food has the same woeful lack of digestible nutrient that we find in our processed foods. This means to have a healthy life, they should also be included in the monthly bag of Natural Remedies.

Natural Remedies can be given to pets either as part of their feed dose or even as separate portions just as we have, and basically the dosage is according to their weight, same as is worked for humans.

TURMERIC, or cucurmin, can benefit dogs in the following ways:

It works against epilepsy which can affect dogs of all ages

It works against basal cell cancer. Basal cancer is disordered growth of cancer cells in the basal membrane of the skin. The benign form of the basal cancer is known as basal cell tumor. Curcumin and related compounds, curcuminoids have been found to be useful in treatment of skin cancer. Dietary curcumin is found to prevent skin cancer. Research shows that curcumin destroys skin cancer cells by activating tumor suppressor protein.

Curcumin’s anti-inflammatory, antioxidant properties and skin regenerative potential help in treatment of skin disorders.

Curcumin’s wound healing and anti-microbial property can aid in protecting skin cancer lesions from secondary infections. It can also help in healing of post surgical excision wounds.



Laminitis is inflammation of the laminae. The blood supply to the laminae is hampered which results in pain, inflammation, and swelling.

Curcumin and turmeric possess strong anti-inflammatory property which are therapeutic in treatment of inflammatory conditions and hence can aid in treatment of laminitis.

Curcumin is more effective in reducing pain than painkillers like phenylbutazone, diclofenac sodium, indomethacin. It works in combination with other painkillers and reduces the dose of painkillers required. It also does not cause any side effects.

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Wessa Trail Run – 15th April

This is one of the more scenic but challenging runs through the Umgeni Nature Reserve, definitely worth the cash outlay, and they have beer on tap after to replenish all those lost beer nutrients. Entries can be got at:

There are 3 runs

24 km for those who are either brave, or perhaps so bored on a Sunday they want to spend a few hours meandering around Umgeni Nature Reserve. You can add probably 20 mins to your usual time for this distance due to the terrain.

The first 10 km or so are along the tops of the valley, mix of road and a bit of trail, and then steeply downwards into the valley. The run along the river is great, although as you are coming back up the river it is a gradual climb. Unfortunately, this means the balance of the run is spent coming back out of the valley with varying degrees of climbing, at worst hanging on to some conveniently overhanging branches whilst walking sedately up the inclines. The kicker is the return run along the slope to join the 5 km runners, then climbing again out another valley to the finish.

12 km is for the more sane, although there is still a vertical 240 m climb. This does not mean that any of my mates can shirk their duties and chicken out of the 24 km.

The first half of the race is along jeep track, then down into the valley, along a contour and climbing back out via the infamous concrete road. It is concrete for a reason as you would not want to go that steep on dirt!!



5 km short course. This is a fantastic run for the ankle snappers and for those who are still working their way into trail running. It is downhill all the way into the first valley, then uphill all the way to the finish, not quite as easy as it looks, but then you have all day to finish it whilst waiting for those crazies to come in from the long course,

Please leave some beer for us and ENJOY it out there.

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Benefits of Turmeric

Turmeric is a MIRACLE HERB with MULTIPLE BENEFITS. Turmeric contains bioactive ingredients which bind to a variety of enzymes and molecules, thus allowing the active ingredients ( curcumin) to work against the ailments.

The main property of Turmeric is it’s anti-inflammatory action. Curcumin is a potent anti-inflammatory agent which inhibits the activity of the master protein that regulates the inflammatory process.

Science aside, Turmeric inhibits the activity of inflammatory enzymes and chemical proteins without any gastric side effects commonly found in chemical based anti-inflammatorys.

turmeric is also a natural pain killer compatible to aspirin in effect and a powerful anti-oxidant.

Everyone should be taking turmeric both as a remedy and a preventative.

Contact us today for turmeric / piper nigrum capsules, we can organise delivery.


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Urban Run

So in preparation for a heavy Easter weekend, I decided to ditch the usual pleasant trail run through the forest and do an Urban Run through the City of Choice, Pietermaritzburg. As usual I was reminded that it is actually the City of Choices as there are more facets to running through this city than you encounter on a trail run.

I duly packed my rope, pitons and mace spray and set off, narrowly avoiding the large pile of politician which the unfenced neighbours dog deposited next to our gate. The first 3.5 km are a gentle downhill into town. Being that I was running before 7 am, I only had to dodge the odd queue jumping pavement hopping taxi during this phase.

As you get into town the terrain becomes more interesting. The first set of hurdles is leaping and side stepping those holes and ditches in the pedestrian pavement left by a company calling itself Open Source, who have kindly added to the excitement of running by being too useless to fill in the holes they have been paid to dig. Once through these obstacles, one turns into true urban, this is where the ropes come in as you are required to lasso the fences lining the pavement in order to swing out of the way of unyielding larger than normal people on their way to work who will not yield an inch of their pavement to these silly runners. As one turns for home, the pitons come in handy to clamber over the broken pavements caused by the cash and carry delivery vans who do not like to stick to the provided tar, but prefer the pavement. Once past these, one is regaled by the nostalgic aroma of non-tobacco gwaai which the self same delivery drivers choose as their way of keeping awake. From here on that pleasant feeling lasts until home, making you forget the effort of running.

All in all, running through Pietermaritzburg offers many choices of route and terrain, thus preparing you for those trails runs without the mud (mostly).

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24-25 March Races

Weekend of 24 / 25th March there are 2 sets of trail races in KZN

First is the Drakensburg Northern Trail, co-ordinated by KZN Trail Running  at Spionkop. There is a 40km, 20km, 10km and 6km, but for the longer races you need to have pre-registered, do not seem to be registrations on the day. You can go to their website for more details.

Second is the Route Six 2 Trails in Mooi River. The main events are a 2 stage mountain bike race, Sat and Sun, of 110 km total (60 Sat and 50 Sun), and a 2 stage trail run, Sat and Sun, 35 km total (21 Sat and 14 Sun). I have not had the pleasure of doing these events yet as it is new on the calendar. It is held at Oaksprings Farm in Mooi River.

This looks to be fun and the trails there are always good, providing this last lot of rain has not made it too muddy. It is quite expensive for the 2 day events but it includes accommodation, sure to be good for enjoying a cerveja or 10 after the first day.

On the Sunday they have a 50 km MTB for manne and 15 km MTB for kids. Good options this and reasonable.

On Sunday they also have a 15 km trail run and an 8 km trail run. You can enter through ROAG.

Looks like fun for Sunday for sure and will see you there, might be muddy but so what,

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Let it Swim Tiger Fishing Tournament

We attend this event every year at Jozini, or Pongolapoort Dam, it is now been 21 years since inception through the paper and printing industries. It started as an industry only shin dig back when companies had money to spend on their employees and clients. Now it is funded through a combination of event fees and plenty of prize and kit sponsorship by various companies and individuals and is an excellent event which gives back to anti-poaching and the Parks and Wildlife fraternity.

It is run by Chris Digges every year and the event itself is a success every year and a great place to be. Good to catch up and many many many beers over the course of 3 nights and 2 days fishing. There are about 190 teams.

COME THE FISHING. Every year we are catching less and less tiger fish, and I would like to think we are not getting worse at fishing with practice, nor is our eyesight so bad that it affects the fishing, but the inescapable fact is that the mighty Tiger fish, which Southern Africa holds as it’s pride and joy, is under threat. This year was the worst fishing ever all round, no “weighers” at all between 200 odd teams ( 50 cm fish are weighers), and the locals even say that there has not been any decent fish caught since November last year. This comes primarily from the unlicenced frantic poaching which goes on in Jozini which is run by the KZN parks.

We find more and more of this type of national resource depletion going on all around us (poaching in Worlds View, Bisley Nature Reserve to name a few closer to home) and are powerless to do anything as we wait for the law to take it’s course. Maybe we need to do something ourselves, but be careful as resource raping is big business and these people are ruthless.

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Benefits of Turmeric for Psoriasis

The essential component of turmeric is cucurmin, a yellow compound which displays excellent healing properties, mainly anti-inflammatory and a potent anti-oxidant.

There are therefore many benefits to using turmeric as a supplement in general, but for purposes of this blog we concentrate on the benefits to Psoriasis sufferers:

reduces inflammation, even in Psoriasis

cucurminoids reduce appearance of the psoriasis

cucurmin works well with immuno-suppressives to control psoriasis

cucurmin, through it’s anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties is an awesome skin health booster,

Cucurmin assists with preventing skin infections and can be used topically

Turmeric should be taken with piperine to boost the bodies ability to absorb cucurmin, so the capsules available from runKZN are a mix of turmeric and piper nigrum.


Avoid taking on empty stomach as can cause acid reflux

Do not take with prescribed drugs as it can inhibit the uptake

Cucurmin has some blood thinning activity so avoid close to surgery or if suffering from bleeding / clotting disorder

Avoid if suffering from gallstones


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MudMan 4th March

Epworth mudman at Albert falls, one of the more fun ones (lots of noise and support) and usually well attended. Not sure this year if it will be a swim or a walk through the water whilst dam is only at 23 %, but some appreciate the lack of swimming!!!!

Do the full distance, 750 m swim (sort of), 20 km ride and 5 km run. Less than this will leave you ashamed.

Half obviously half.

Swim is very flat!!!!!

The ride is fast, only really 2 hills, but is a 10 km loop twice for the full distance, so speed up to avoid getting caught in the half distance riders.

The run (2.5 km loop) has one tough hill, pretty much of a walk for 1 km, then down to finish and loop again.

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Howick Trail Run 3rd March

This starts about 4 km from the Karkloof market so plenty to eat on the way back home. Very scenic run and much in the shade of the trees.

7 am start for the 20 km

This is a good workout, steady climb for about 5.5 km up to the ridge( then split from the 10 km route) then some more up to the fire mast, famous rolling hills of the Midlands to about the 10 km mark, THEN DOWNHILL HOME!!!!!!!!! Almost all anyway. Climb is net 200 m from start to halfway, but of course “rolling hills” means more than this.

7.30 for 10 km

Follows the same route under the road and up tot he ridge for 6 km odd, then back pretty much downhill all the way home.

7.45 for 5 km

There are hills in them thar hills, so not easy, but no where near the terrors of the Gilboa climbs. Should be a good turnout as always for the KZNTR races so you will be in good company.

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Runners Gut and Others

For those who suffer from a bit of the runs before a race which is not got anything to do with your shoes, try an organic ginger based product, tends to settle the stomach. .

If added with Wasabi powder, this can be an effective cancer fighting agent according to scientific papers, added with turmeric can assist with Crohns disease, liver function, arthritis etc. Cumin and Fennel extract are also good for digestive problems and, everyone’s favourite, increasing the good old drive and putting lead in the pencil!! Drop a note if you are interested in these in capsule form.