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Weekend Wanderings – 28th & 29th September

We will forget about the rugby and the abysmal refereeing decisions from the main refs and from the side line BOBs and TV officials, and this was for most games, not just ours, and concentrate on where we can get rid of frustrations. Does not seem to be much happening this weekend after a busy couple of weeks, Jeremy Loops is at the Bot gardens so something to look forward to.

Remember, full spectrum CBD oils and topical salves are available as part of the health and healing regime, all natural and lab tested, can be posted or join us at Something Used opposite the Midmar Dam gates in Howick.

Rocky Bay Trail Run – Sunday 29th (Rocky Bay – SURPRISE)

Part of the summer coastal series, usual great tracks organised by KZN Trail Running, good mix of trail, jeep track and some sublime dune forest running. Usual suspects in terms of distances, 20 km (R180), 12 km (R145) and 6 km (R105) for the kids. This is really a great run and not too far from Durbs or PMB.

Rox Beach Classic – Umhlanga Life Savers – Sunday 29th (Umhlanga)

A 14 km beach run (R120) or 8 km beach run (or walk R100)) plus those that have em, a fat bike ride on the beach, bacon and egg rolls available at the end.

Run the Berg Trail – all weekend (Northern Berg)

This is a new one, 50 km and 30 km, I am not sure of the pricing but any trail in the berg is good, please be careful up there.

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Weekend Wanderings – 7th & 8th September


We are into spring, the weather has turned unpredictable, but that doesn’t stop us from adventure, rain or shine. Canna oils and topical salves have had much press and very positive reviews about the ability to help with chronic pain management, skin problems, diabetes management, seizures, Parkinson’s, cancer and many other stress and anxiety related issues including helping sufferers of Alzheimers, even menopause issues!! Go onto the web and decide for yourself, you can also contact me via the website for more information and availability, it is affordable and the products are lab tested and have specific concentrations to allow for set dosages according to your needs.

On to the racing for the weekend. Weather has started a bit cold, but hopefully will cheer up.

Lynnford Trail – All weekend (Ixopo)

Saturday there is a choice of 65 km ULTRA (R830), 30 km (R430) and 15 km (R230) as the main races, then Sunday choice of 15 km (R230), 8 km (R160) and 4 km (R100). Fantastic area to run in, it is a point to point race so need to get there early to catch the bus to the start, a bit pricy, but they have CHAMPAGNE at the water tables. There is accommodation nearby, camping for those more attuned to nature, but book beforehand.

Go Durban MTB 100 – Sunday 8th (Giba Gorge)

Mix of races starting from Giba Gorge, Inanda heading out towards Inanda and surrounds. 100 km race (R400) starts at Giba and heads out to Inanda, back through Durban green corridors and finishing at Blue Lagoon, shuttle required either way. The 50 km (R270) starts at Inanda and the 20 km (R200) starts at Kwadebeka Bike Park. This looks like fun, hopefully the rain stays away. This would be my pick for the weekend.

Queensburgh Harriers Mineshaft – Sunday 8th (Queensburgh)

Road race, should be quick!!

Wild Series Mont Aux Sources – Friday to Saturday (Berg)

This is 50 km tough trail running, pre-entry only so if you are reading this you also did not get in, these can get expensive, but maybe worth a try every now and then.


Get out there and have a gas, look after yourself using natural products and nutrients. Canna oils also available at Something Used opposite the Midmar Dam gates, coffee machine soon to be installed for runners and riders doing midlands meander, good place to park whilst running in Midmar or riding up through the Caversham area, Tweedie, Currys Post routes, I can give you some routes along district roads.

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Weekend Wanderings – 31st & 1st September

Spring has sprung the grass has ris, I wonder where the birdies is!!

Another busy weekend trail running with a great MTB event thrown in, casual but well organised for Scouts in Howick.

Howick Highlander – Sun 1st (Umgeni Nature reserve)

Trail runs through Umgeni Nature Reserve, what a treat, fantastic routes with great single track and more than a few little rises!! 20 km (R100), 10 km (R75) and 5 km (R55) on offer, by FAR THE CHEAPEST around and my personal pick of the week.

MTB start at the nature reserve then badger off into the distance towards Karkloof area and around the forests and jeep tracks in the area, some tough sections, but this is mountain biking not spinning!! 35 km (R130), 20 km (R110) and 10 km (R85), again BEST VALUE FOR MONEY of the MTB races in the area.

If you are QUIIIIICK then you can turn it into a duathlon, starting times are a normal 7.30 ish for trail run and 8.30 ish for MTB events.

Capital CLimb – Sun 1st (Dirty old Pmburg, please clean the place, useless Council!!)

Iconic Race, everyone does it sometime in their life if they live in the Midlands, STRAIGHT UP Roberts road and Worlds View, AND STRAIGHT DOWN, but there is a great Sherry stop at the top run by Hilton Spar, just right to get you ready for the descent. This is not for the faint hearted, but there are plenty people that take it easy so you wont be alone if you do a bit of strolling up the hill.

Seaton Spring Challenge – Sun 1st (Salt Rock)

New on the calendar as far as I know, these coastal runs are ALWAYS fantastic, although you probably need a I can afford it passport to get in to the area these days. 20 km (R180), 10 km (R145) and 5 km (R105) on offer.

Run like you mean it and keep safe.

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Weekend Wanderings-24th to 25th August

Another stellar weekend of events to keep us KZN adventurers busy and perfect weather it looks like, so bin the chair and get out there.

Mandela MTB Dash – Saturday 24th (Capture Site Howick)

Usual gamat of races, 42 km (R200), 21 km (R150) and 10 km (R100) all through the Lions River / Caversham area, a few steep hills to contend with ,but this means good downhill to rest the legs, there are no SANDY bits as some of my riding mates once told me (excuse to warrant them leaving the carpark last). Good stretch of the legs. Even the fat old buggers on E-bikes are welcome. 8 to 8.30 start.

Mandela Day Trail Run – Sat 24th (Capture Site-Howick)

Really nice route this, good steep climbs, mainly district road and jeep track. Race entries are limited so pre-entry advisable, 6.30 start so can possibly combine this with the MTB.

Mandela Day Triathlon/Duathlon – Sat 24th (Midmar)

Triathlon season continues in the Midlands, great weather predicted, water still on the chilly side so I presume wetsuits allowed. Duathlon is 2.5 km run, 5 km cycle, 1 km run mainly for the novices. Triathlons are where the money is at!! Baby one R220 (200 swim, 5 km cycle, 2.5 km run), sprint R470 (600 swim, 20 km cycle, 5 km run) and OLYMPIC distance R700 (1.5 km swim, 40 km cycle, 10 km run). The main events only start in the afternoon, bit pricy, fast race.

Mandela Day Marathon – Sun 25th (start Edendale/Hilton)

This is main event of the weekend in terms of numbers, 42, 21 and 10 km but all are pre-entry only so if you snoozed you loozed. always well attended if a bit hectic in organisation, so best to do your own organisation for transport etc. If you are the back of the pack, maybe also organize your own water!!

Eston Trail Run – Sun 25th (Eston)

My pick of the weekend, part of the Eston show festivities so you can run and shower and drink beer at the show, FANTASTIC IDEA, plenty of stalls shows etc. there to entertain as well whilst you quaff your favourite ale, and no they do not ask me to advertise, I do it out of the goodness of my soul. Trail is 5 km (R105), 10 km (R145) and 20 km (R180) and wind through the Tala Game Reserve and cane fields, a few hill but no too taxing overall. Will have some competition from the Marathon in terms of numbers, but is always good fun. Starting 7 onwards.

Don’t forget to order CBD oils, also have new range of Sceletium in stock, good for anxiety/stress/mood enhancer, ancient recipe from the KoiSan. Order at website or send an email.



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Weekend Wanderings – 17th & 18th August

Winter is fast retreating, still chilly but bearable. Races and events are thick this time of year and this weekend is no exception

Harburg Tour de Krantz – Sat 17th ( Harburg)

This is called Tour de Krantz for a reason, many Krantz in the area!! Nice selection of events to choose from, trail runs, MTB events and great combos to test your resilience. ONe of the best deals here is BEER after the events!! This is why it is on a Saturday! Trails runs are 5 km (R50), 10 km (R70) and 15 km (R100) so something for everyone starting at 7.30 morning time, will be chilly up there at this tome of day. MTB events are usual kiddies 10 km (R50), 25 km (R140) and 45 km (R180) and start at 8.30 onwards. this leaves plenty of time for combo trail run and MTB in any combination, but if you are doing 15 km trail and 45 km MTB you may be starting a bit behind the pack, so unless you are aiming for podium finish in MTB this is perfect for honing your fitness levels. Probably better option for most mortals with reasonable fitness and semi-intelligent is 10 km trail and 45 km MTB. Those newer to the game 10 km trail and 25 km MTB will have you ready for the Oompa band and beer.

Boston Trail Run – Sun 18th (Boston club)

Cold mornings in Boston make this a slow start, but there are 3 options here, 8 km (R60), 20 km (R150) and 45 km (R350). This is a great setting for trail runs and the 20 km should be well attended, encourage your roadie friends to cut their teeth on this one. The 45 km not for the faint hearted and starts at 6.30, yes IN THE MORNING. The request is to carry your own water bottles/hydration pack.

King Shaka Trail Run – Sun 18th (Umhlanga)

This is a fairly easy event, still plenty of short sharp climbs but I do not think there is too much single track, mostly cane roads, jeep track in this area. The weather in Umhlanga is always great so get out there for this. 5 km (R90), 10 km (R140) and 15 km (R160) events await participants and since the people in this area seldom work, there should be a good turnout.

Spar Womens 10 km – Sun 18th (Dirty old Pietermaritzburg)

Self explanatory really, fast run and poklenty of opportunity for roadies to dress up as women to get their race fix. Always well attended, not by me!!

Savages Half Marathon and 10 km – Sun 18th (Berea)

Road running up and down the hills of Durban North, good training for,  I suppose other road runs!! Should be some racing snakes in this,

Life is like running, if you want to cruise downhill at the end, it is necessary to do the uphills at the beginning. Don’t get discouraged by uphills, attack them like you mean it and you will get that downhill cruise!!


Go mad, go bad, don’t forget Moringa means health and CBD oils mean healing, …….for EVERYTHING!!


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Weekend Wanderings 13th-14th July

Well into winter games now, fighting hard against the urge to stay on the couch and watch cricket, tennis, athletics, golf and frankly anything that gives an excuse. Important to keep going even though the sun is late, but the weather is great this time of year for running and riding, and kids are back at school!! Forget about the thieving politicians and dodgy governance, hit the trails this weekend before they are swamped by high density developments.

Burg Wheelers Compendium – Sunday 14th (Karkloof)

Karkloof Club is a great venue for outdoor sports, well marked trails and good selection of technical and flat out speed. Compendium offers 45 km (R210), 25 km (R160) and 10 km (R70) MTB trails on Sunday, well attended so makes for a festive day for the whole family. Top bunches are competitive but you can also lurk at the back and just enjoy the forest, single tracks and jeep track that the races offer. 45 km has a good bit of single track, but not too technical, it is a fast race normally but does have a few uphills. The 25 km has less single track to keep it flowing and is a great starter race. The 10 km keeps the rest of the family happy.

Forest Hills trail – Sunday 14th (Kloof)

This is a 10 km fun run, or walk, in Kloof through the reserve there, good test for the legs if you run it, more aimed at a fun day out than any sort of racing.

Saturday there is the usual Park runs at the Duzi, Hilton, Ashburton, Lions River, Kloof, Durban, Umhlanga, Ballito etc.

I now have a selection of CBD based products for topical applications for aches and pains (muscle pains, gout, arthritis, fibromyalgia) and  skin irritations (bruises, burns, scars, rashes, acne, eczema) and also FULL spectrum healing elixirs formulated whole plant cannabinoid blends to help treat and heal a vast range of ailments including anxiety, depression, seizure, parkinsons, alzheimers, diabetes, cancer etc. Moringa powder will ensure health and vitality, helping you up on those cold winter mornings, and Moringa oil heals and soothes skin and blemishes.

Put your heart into some good outdoor fun and hit the trails, even the roads will do if you don’t have running or riding buddies. See you out there!!

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Weekend Wanderings – 22nd & 23rd June

This time of year seems unusually quiet in terms of MTB and organised runs, maybe hangover from comrades but only 12000 odd run comrades, the rest are looking for action!! End of June onwards there are more than 1 to agonise over entering every weekend.

This weekend in KZN there are only 2 runs that I know of and the Downhill/Enduro style race on the MTB which is happening at Dragons Peak.

Spar Womens Race,

this is in Durban on Sunday, ladies only but some of the more talented men seem to squeeze themselves into some tight running wear, doddle the 5 km in your high heels or take on the 10 km in your tutu.

Phezulu Trail Run

The Phezulu Trail run, this is organised by KZN Trail Running but has a limited entry of 250 I think, so if you are not entered, then join me on the weekend for another DO YOUR OWN THING. This is challenging, being in the 1000 hills area, but apparently lovely scenery through your frosted heavy breathing, and some animals to be viewed, brekkie buns after the race.

MTB – Greg Minaar Downhill Series

Downhill at Dragons Peak, this is downhill style and endure racing, mainly for the aficionados of this type of hair raising speed fix, but at R500 per race day, does not come cheap.


Casual Trail running and MTB in the Karkloof from the club, nominal fee and plenty coffee, beer etc. available afterwards. there ARE REALLY NICE ROUTES FROM HERE. They have trail runs marked out, MTB routes up to 45 km and NEW GRAVEL CRUNCHING ROUTE,  which is basically district road and jeep track ,none of the pesky technical stuff that gets in our way.

Virginia Trails still not operational due to the floods from Feb,

Giba Gorge is a good option, they often organise runs on a Saturday and the trail is open for MTB.

Run in the Cascades Forest, Worlds View Forest (where you will find me) for a change to the usual plod along the roads and rubbish strewn pavements of Pmburg. Challenging as dodging the potholes, vagrants, cat-sized rats and unruly drivers may be, trail is still better.

Park runs at the Duzi, Ashburton and Hilton have all done slight changes to their routes, so that is exciting.

Above all KEEP HEALTHY, natural supplements are the way to go here, MORINGA POWDER AND MORINGA OIL, full of nutrients and anti-oxidants to keep your system healthy and boost your immune system and healing,

also contact me for the new range of Hemp and Canna Oils and Salves, specifically formulated to interact with your endocannabinoid system in your body which regulates healing and body response, thus boosting the bodies response to various ailments, diseases and illnesses and helping to heal and control symptoms, will be updating the web page, or possibly creating a new one dedicated to HEALING OILS!

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Weekend Wanderings – 6th & 7th April

If you are feeling like the year is going ahead too fast, it is!! But catch up with it, exercise and eat healthy, microgreens and roasted seeds are a great way to spruce up those tired evening meals, get some through contacting me on 0848405471, through the website or via facebook through BuyLocal, guaranteed fresh.

This weekend, not much in the way of mountain biking on offer around here, but there are trail runs and a marathon or 2.

Dolphin Coast MTB Bash – Sun 7th (Blythedale)

I do not know much about this, maybe new on the calendar, but there are contact details for those that are still able to travel these distance with the new fuel prices.

The Bushman Trails – Fri to Sunday 7th (Wagensdrift Dam)

THIS IS GREAT RUNNING, selection of distances and you can go the whole weekend (and camp there if you have arctic gear), or run only Saturday or only Sunday. There is a warm up on Friday night for those staying over, then the runs start flowing. 10km, 20 km on Saturday and 10 km(R105) and 20 km (R145) and 30 km (R220)available on the Sunday. There are 5 km jogs also on both days, great opportunity to see if your legs will handle a full weekend, with the bail out option of course.

Durban City Marathon – Sun 7th (Durban – SURPRISE)

Good road race, many people, not sure they will take late entries so please check. Any of these events are good, but the City coffers are running dry, being bled by tender corruption and cadre favouritism and many of these races are suffering as a result, hope this will not be one of them. If you get there, have a gas and a swim in the sea, it is still at about 23 degrees.

Arthur Creswell Memorial – 7th (Bergville)

This is a 52 km main race, looks like a joll for those who are into LOOOONG distance.

Whatever you do out there, do it well, many park runs as usual on Saturday. Sorry, late for tennis, got to go.


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Weekend Wanderings 30th &31st March

The year is galloping forwards and threatens to leave us wallowing in unfulfilled goals for adventure and achievements. You don’t need to go for the BIG events, participate in the small stuff and all will be well. The big events are fast outpricing themselves and there is nothing wrong with organising casual rides and runs with your mates on a weekend, plenty of organised trails, or make your own.

Run 4 Funds – Sat 30th, Giba Gorge

Make your morning run count for our furry friends (animals I mean) , there will be a 5 km, 10 km and 15 km run, fee is R30 and there is a Giba Park entry fee as well. This is a nice route, single track up the gorge and back the other side, not too tough and generally nice and shady.

Rocky Bay Trail – Sunday 31st – Rocky Bay South Coast

Another trail run as part of the Summer Coastal Serie run by KZN Trail Running. Always well organised and attended, this trail is a great mix of track, forest, dune and some beach, loads of trees and, as always on coastal runs, plenty of short climbs. There is a 6 km (R105), 12 km (R145) and 19 km (R180) available, go on get with the longer runs, you have most of the day to do it. Good one if you are going to watch the Sharks slaughter the Bulls and stay over to get in a morning run.

Kamberg Classic MTB and Trail Run – 30th and 31st – Glengarry Farm, Kamberg

Excellent, back into the MTB racing. The Trail runs (6 km at R70 and 14 km at R100) are on Saturday afternoon, so those who try to make excuses about kids sport etc. are no excluded, and are followed by beer and rugby watching at the Club afterwards. Sunday see the famous MTB races, best single track in the berg, there is a 20 km (R150), 45 km (R180) and 65 km (R200) race, so something for all to get the tired feeling from the trail run out of the way. Normally a good turnout for the MTB, it is worth a bit of travel time to get to this one.

Checkout Challenge Half Marathon – 31st (Durban Kings Park)

This is a 21.1km (R130) and 10 km (R100) road run along the beach front roads and up through the suburbs, always a great place to be running, not sure of road closures but I presume they are there. Good training run for the Durban City Marathon.

Tronox Marathon – 31st (Empangeni)

There is also a marathon and half marathon in Empangeni for those that cannot get down to Durban which is a Comrades qualifier.

and the usual organised surf swim from the Ushaka area for the shark baits.

Get a sweat band and get going. Have a good one and GO SHARKS!! (both sets).


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Weekend Wanderings – 23rd & 24th March

This weekend there are a couple of great excursions up for grabs, most of them long so gird your loins and boost your metabolism with some MORINGA (or beer and wine!!).

Safire Berg 100 – Sat 23rd (Himeville to Notties)

This is becoming more popular, a long ride through the midlands using the district and jeep tracks, no pesky single track or technical stuff to disturb your pounding rhythm and cause angst and accidents. It is long (100 km) so be prepared, R 400 for an entry, but remember you need to get to the start at Himeville and be collected from the end at Notties, after beer at the Hotel. E-bikes etc. are welcome as it is a social ride more than anything. Late registration is on Friday evening or Saturday morning, Zapper or cash, start at 7 sharp, remember cramp pills.

Umgeni Water Marathon – Sun 24th (Baynesfield)

Running from Baynesfield club this year, apparently due to overpriced quote from Midmar KZN making it unbearable for runners costs, shame on them. Good on Baynesfield and it is a great place to run from. The run will be mainly district road, the 42 km (R240), 21 km (R160) and 15 km (R120) will all have about 2 km of tar and the rest district. The 15 km also has a great trail along the river. LATE ENTRIES ARE ALLOWED, even welcomed on Saturday at Collegians and Sunday at the race, but they are limiting late entries so no guarantee that you will be accepted. I think this will be a good experience out that way, a few more hill than the race used to have, but no-one expects it to be easy!! Remember, if you are not a member of CSA you also need to pay those race fees, for which you get zip.

I am sure there are events going down in Durban this weekend, surf swim etc, so go DO IT.



Another week of dodgy electricity supply from our favourite non-performing parastatal, and these guys still have jobs!! At least they can try to blame some on the fact we get from Moz and the cyclone stuffed the pylons.

This does not look like it is getting any better, remember this at voting time, we trust these people with our infrastructural, social and economic wellbeing through funding them with taxes, and they repay us by syphoning off funds for friends and family, well we should fire them.