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Maritzburg Half Marathon

Time for speed!! This is probably one of the easiest half marathons in my humble opinion. Average enthusiasts should look to cut under 2 hr 15 or 2 hr mark here. You will probably want to do the Marathon next year after this!!!! MOST hills are gentle and the route has long straights, which can be tiring when glancing up from your plodding shoes. It is likely to be well supported in terms of spectators and drinks tables, do not get caught up in the drinks table, grab and move!!

If you want to do around the 2.15 mark then I would suggest the following splits ( as tested by me stupidly but over 2 mornings):

Armitage Road Circle: 20 mins (3.5 km) -pick up pace down to the Duzi and down the hills in town, keep pace steady up the small short hills in town.

Duzi Crossing on College Road: 30 min (4.5 km) – The hill up through town is straight and can get you going slow, so keep thinking pace.

Duzi to Bisley Nature reserve: 35 min (5.5 km). This can get a bit tedious as it is straight, so stick with some mates and have a gas, hills are gentle but they do go up!!

Bisley to Washington Road: 20 min (3. km). Hill is slow but speeds up nearer the junction.

Washington road HOME to Race Course: 30 min ( 4.5 km). Only hill really is up Ridge Road then downhill all the way home. Piece of Pee.

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Isimangaliso Mountain Bike Ride

My hat, this was tough. Held the weekend from 17th to 20th August, a ride (race for some!!) from Mkhuze Game Reserve to St. Lucia and surrounds in the beautiful Zululand area of South Africa. Weather like has not been seen, 31 knot headwinds, some rain and many mud puddles, unfortunately prevented us from seeing too many animals in these wonderful habitats, but made for very thirsty finishers. Total was about 280 km over 4 days, but what km they were!! Interspersed with many gin and tonics, beer and excellent history and wilderness speeches from guests, this really is one for the books. We did OK, but as usual, not prepared for what nature hurled at us, still managed to finish alive and keen for the next one. Mandela Day half marathon here we come!!!!