Welcome to runKZN dedicated to providing natural remedies for health and cancer prevention. On-going research and development into plant properties and their efficacy on preventing health problems is at the heart of these remedies.

The use of genuine wasabia japonica in natural health remedies has been proven to decrease the development and effects of cancer through targeting the cancer cells. Wasabia japonica is also instrumental in improving the body’s ability to heal itself, especially ulcers, inflammations and joint pains.

RunKZN, through it’s New Zealand and Malaysia based supply chain, provides unique organic herbal blends in capsule and powder form which target specific ailments as described in the product section.

The wasabia japonica augments the uptake of specific organic chemicals contained in the complimentary herbal powders, increasing the efficacy of the product in preventing targeted health issues.

runKZN, as part of commitment to health and well-being, will be providing regular news and information gleaned from personal participation experience about upcoming outdoor activities and events and pre-event preparation for the average athlete, as well as useful gear and training tips.