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Weekend Wanderings – 14th & 15th March

This weekend back to a full itinerary, as long as you are non-viral. The corona virus is likely to have a big impact on all our participation activities so double check that events are on before going there, or better go anyway and if the event is not on, do it yourself. Things to avoid, sneezing or spitting or sweating on anyone PLEASE. Other things to avoid are idiots in cars with hazard lights, taxi drivers and any political blah blah, but that is for another time.

Last weekend was quiet in terms of organised events, pity organisers cannot spread themselves a bit to avoid congestion.

Cordwalles Dustbuster – Sun 15th (Karkloof)

This is up in the Karkloof, away from cities and people and is a very pleasant Biathlon format. Choose between the short version (2.5 km run and 10 km MTB at R210), or do the trail run options (5 km and 9 km routes) or the MTB (40 km, 20 km or 10 km routes), unfortunately the whole Mudman type of sprint triathlon format or the longer Biathlon seems to have been binned by the organisers, so longer distance multi sporters have no options, this will affect numbers I think. Anyway, Karkloof is always nice for a run and ride, get out there early and do the trail run unsupported, then the MTB ride.

Fuel & Gas Kamberg Trail and MTB – 14th & 15th (Glengarry, Kamberg)

Trail run on the Saturday, and MTB on the Sunday, this means if your family have varied interests, you either have to stay over, drive a lot or compromise. Saturday is the 14 km and 7 km trail run through the hills, lots of lovely single track but not too technical, this is a holiday farm setting. Prices are reasonable at R170 and R120 respectively. The MTB takes place on Sunday, 25 km (R200), 40 km (R240) and 60 km classic (R270), normally well supported even if the pricing has gotten on the high side. These are great MTB routes with a bit of everything, good berg riding.

Delloitte Challenge – Sun 15th (Durban)

Popular combination of evetns, somewhat curbed by the road closures on the coast, the routes seem to have changed to be more Durban centred rather than a point to point format. No LATE ENTRIES unfortunately for any of the events. Usual Marathon, half marathon, 10 km and combo MTB/road cycle race. Good for all, but it is also getting expensive at R275 per entry, unless of course I am just whingeing!! If you have been organised enough to pre-book, this is normally well attended due to the comrades qualifying aspect, and hopefully the water tables etc. will be back up to standard.

BLythedale Trail Run – Sun 15th (Blythedale)

I think the Pick of the Week, lovely trail options up in Blythedale if you can get there, 5 km (R100), 12 km (R140) and 20 km (R180) routes on offer, usually well organised by the KZN Trail Running team and a great venue.

Go out there, run like the virus is chasing, take PLENTY vitamins and NATURAL supplements.

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