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Weekend Wanderings 1st & 2nd February

First month of 2020 already done, fitness levels on the rise and the start of Mudman and Tinman series, yeeeeehaaa!! The mudman series seems to have turned into dustman series and they have taken out the swim, certainly for the first one in Hermannsberg, so suit those who swim like bricks and run like gazelles.

Once again, event organisers timing is at odds, there are 2 tri type events, 2 trail runs all within 100 km of each other, so choose carefully. Oh, also a canoe race , but the good thing there is there is a trail run and MTB ride along side the river I think, not much info available for that.

N3TC Drak Challenge – 1st and 2nd Canoeing (Castleburn)

You start at the top of the river and go down to the end, if you are planning a return trip get a bike. I think they have a trail and MTB event alongside the river for those who do not paddle so fun for all the family. The event requires pre-entries for the canoeing.

Hilton College Trail- Sun 2nd (Hilton College)

This trail run has been around for a while, always good fun although there is no beer at the end, head over to Crossways to satisfy this craving. On offer 7 km (R110), 12 km (R150) and the iconic 20 km (R190) with a surcharge of R 50 on top of these fees for late entries, entries are taken on the day. The 7 km is a pleasant jaunt through the forests at Hilton along a well worn track used by us for running and the college boys for escaping. The 12 km takes you DOOOOWWWN into the Umgeni Valley, and what goes down must come UUUUUPPPP, tough on the legs but really good fun. The 20 km combines the 2 routes for a tough but rewarding run which you know you have completed.

aQuelle Hermansburg Dustbuster – Sun 2nd (Hermannsburg)

Change to the epic Mudman series format, I presume many people complained about the dam swims, not sure why as they were great fun on the hot summer days, but basically now instead of a sprint triathlon we will be doing a biathlon, suit the faster runners. Entries and organisation done through Roag, So on offer, 5 and 10 km trail runs, (R120 and R140), 5km run plus 10 km Cycle (R140) and 10 km run and 20km cycle (R140), really good format and the scenery out there has a few hills and challenges.

Wagendrift Challenge – Sun 2nd (Wagendrift Dam, Estcourt)

Another trail run or triathlon combination, pity it is on the same day as the Dustbuster as I have not done this one before. Chouce of 18 km trail run (R140) or 18 km MTB (R140), or a swim ( the dam is FULL), or a biathlon with 1 km swim and 5 km MTB, or triathlon with i km swim, 10 km MTB and 5 km trail run, or a half tri. The price posted are R130 per event but I suspect you will pay late entry fees as usual. I would put this as pick of the week as the scenery is fantastic out there.


Remember, Midmar Mile coming up in 2 weeks, enter now, collect entries at our shop called Something Used, directly opposite Midmar Gates, browse and get a coffee, juice etc. You are welcome to park there and train from there during the week, good start to cycle loops and running loops into and around Howick and Midmar Dam, have a coffee after and browse.

Run like you mean it and watch your front wheel. Above all , have a gas.



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