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Weekend Wanderings – 25th & 26th January

The month is almost at an end, make sure those resolutions are strong, back up any health goals with natural remedies and boosters such as Moringa, CBD oil based healing and anti inflammatories which you can find here or almost anywhere these days!! Eat fresh, support local farmers and producers.

Trail running is one of the most satisfying forms of exercise for me, you do not have the pressure of thousands of people pushing you along the road, but are often able just to set your own pace and anticipate and deal with the obstacles as they come, bit like life. SA is a tough place to be in at the moment, but stay strong to your morals and ignore those dumbass politicians who are constantly trying to drive racism as a way for them to stay relevant.

Gilboa Challenge – Sun 26th (Karkloof)

This is a whopper, another KZN trail running event so the same rates apply there is a 4 km (R110), 10 km (R150) and 15 km (R190) route on offer, with a penalty of R50 on late entries. THIS IS A CHALLENGE OF A HILL TO START, straight up the highest hill in the range, but once up there the running and the views are spectacular. There is time to get you breath back before plummeting back down the path to the beautiful venue at Bushwillow Park. The 4km doe snot have the hill and the 10 km do some of it. this is definitely my pick of the weekend. Easy to get to and there is BEER at the end.

KZN Road Championships – Sun 26th (Harburg)

This is a roadie event, I think entries may be closed. They used to have late entries but got irritated with some of us one year who did it on MTB, the police escourt eventually asked us to leave the circular repetitive route as they wanted to go home, those road bikes left us in the dust.

PDAC 25 km road race – Sun 26th (Pinetown)

Get those road legs in order, many guys trying to stick to set plans for running of the Comrades, but take a detour and actually run a race, good fun when you do these distances with others. I have not done this one before, but in the Pinetown area sure to be a few hills.

It is also the Half Iron Man in East London this weekend, HAVE A GAS, hope the weather stays nice and cool, there are many people going from this part of the world and these events are a real bucket list.

If you are not racing, get some swimming in, Midmar coming up and the Mudman season kicks off next week, normally most of us drown the first couple of races due to lack of practice.

There are plenty park runs, a couple of other runs have started up as casual group outings at St Ives etc, so no excuse. With this weather, MTB fanatics may see their ass a few times on the routes, Karkloof has some closures due to timber harvesting so check before hand.

Get out there, run like you mean it and watch your front wheel.

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