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Weekend Wanderings – 18th & 19th January

I am back, first my sincere condolences to the family of the lady who passed away whilst attending last weekends trail run event, very sad accident.

I took small sabbatical as it is difficult to curb the desire to mention the political corruption destroying South Africa and Africa as a whole, affecting not only the economic survival of an ever increasing population being disenfranchised by the political elite and their foreign and local private cadres, but also destroying the environment in which we live, stuffing up the oceans, forests, grasslands etc with their increasing need to be rich and show it to their friends. The Eastern countries have seized on this greed from African politicians and so-called business men long time ago and have planned well the downfall of Africa into junk status. There are perfectly acceptable ways to sustainably develop without destruction, but whilst still being of anthropological benefit. If you all want to keep on having children, then we need to develop.

Anyhoo, down to the far more pleasant business of outdoor fun, just be mindful that we are the keepers of the environment and we must do our best and shame those who do not publicly.

This weekend is full up in KZN and fits in well with those New Years resolutions and gets us going for the year, the fitter we are the healthier we are, use natural supplements such as Moringa, CBD oils, spices, spirulina, skeletium etc to boost health and performance.

Seaton Summer Challenge – Sun 19th (Salt Rock)

Beautiful area to run in, forest, beach, jeep track, this has it all. Plenty of shade along the route, but will still likely be hot so hydrate before hand, KZN Trail Running encourage you to take your own water bottles now so they do not supply sachets etc. at water tables. 5 km (R110), 10 km (R150) AND 18 km (R190) routes await the eager loper, please bear in mind also for late entries they will charge and extra R50 on top of the race fee, not sure why!! This is the pick of the weekend, especially for those on the coast.

Alley Roads Tri Series – Sun 19th (Midmar Dam)

Back into Tri season, excellent for those who want complete challenges. The Alley Roads series includes youth, sprint and Olympic distance triathlons and Midmar is a great venue, stop at our shop Something Used opposite the gates for a coffee, cool drink and to browse our offerings of new and used furniture and things (SMALL PUNT).


As usual there are plenty of park runs, community runs, runs organised by personal trainers for those that have specific goals in mind. Be mindful of the hazards of urban running in South Africa (potholes, broken pavements, missing drain covers, unpleasant lurkers on the pavement, loose electricity wires) but get out there and have a gas, your health is one thing that is under your control and regular exercise and natural products will keep you out of the expensive health care industry,

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