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Weekend Wanderings – 14th & 15th December

The year has flown by, the government has achieved nothing, the climate has gone wonky, too many people in the world blaming everyone else for their woes, so all we are left with is our health, as long as you don’t paddle in the Duzi or swim in Midmar sewerage works. Look at all the natural alternative supplements out there, much cheaper than chemical alternatives and your body probably benefits more, but do your research and make your own mind up. Remember there are no supplement shortcuts to fitness!!

Last few organised rides out there and as with most businesses the rides and runs are going right up to and through Xmas it seems, so no shortage of fat burning races to gear up for the festive season. Even without these events, you can still bump through potholes and leap large festering piles of politician on the pavements as you go through town, better still get out into the forests, much smoother tracks and less people, but go carefully as there are affirmative shoppers lurking.

Umdoni Forest Trail Run – Sun 15th (Umdoni)

There is an 8 km (R120) and 12 km (R150) available, beautiful place to run, bit out of the way but if you are in the area then good option. Not too far from Durban. Run through the forest trails near the golf course, get a round in if you are lucky, or single. Of course there is the pub option once you are finished for a great reward.

Insingisi Christmas Ride – Sun 15th (Eston)

No mess no fuss, 2 races, 20 km MTB (R200) and 40 km MTB (R200) through the trails used for many of the races in the area, lots of single track and jeep track and the price includes a light 2 course lunch to get into the festive season. These are really nice trails to ride so get out there.

The Big Hill Run – Sun 15th (Ballito)

Sugar Rush Park are getting their last money spinning event in for the year, there is a 21 km and 10 km trail/jeep track run through the cane fields and forests near the coast, fantastic if you are there already on holiday, get there early as traffic in Ballito is a bit congested this time of year, no prices available but probably in the R150 to R180 range as normal, plenty to do there for the rest of the family if they are not into trail.

Get out there, stay healthy and hydrated, exercise is the cheapest way to stay healthy and happy. Let your mind sort through the daily crap that enters our lives whilst you are running/riding, but keep your concentration as the other people on the road are more likely reading their phones.

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