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Weekend Wanderings – 23rd & 24th November

Busy weekend, the weather seems to have cheered up in KZN so lets make hay while the sun shines. The trails will be a bit soggy, so no time for heroics out there in the forests.

Sani Stagger – Saturday 23rd (Sani Pass)

Talk about iconic races, this should be at the top, it certainly is in terms of elevation, there are trail runs and the Marathon and Half marathon available, labouring up to the top of Sani Pass and then EFF ing off back down the mountain. The scenery is spectacular if you can manage a breath going up the hill in the marathon, the half starts at the top so is much easier, but scary stuff coming down that hill!! Entry fees are steep, but so is the hill, if you have not entered by now you are a SPECTATOR and need to get entries in for next year.

Drakensburg Extravaganza – 23rd and 24th (Champagne Sports)

There are MTB trails on the Saturday (only 20 km and 10 km) and a 10 km trail run also on Saturday, then Sunday sees the roadies take a piece of pothole with 84 km, 40 km and 15 km, so perfectly fine for MTB also in the Sunday races as the distances not too bad. Good chance to sample the clear fresh air up in the Berg after the rains.

Alley Road Tri-Series – Sunday 24th (Midmar)

This is my PICK OF THE WEEK, it is part of a series carrying on into next year. Any triathlon is fun, Midmar may be a bit dodgy this year due to some sewerage spillage form Mpophomeni that the Municipalities are too useless to stop, so don’t swallow when swimming!

Stop in for a cup of coffee at Something Used, directly opposite Midmar Gates, and browse the shop, Linda will welcome you.

As usual, park runs all over the place, good for warm up for the Sunday races. I am jealous of those going up the Sani this year, but hey someone has to keep the wheels chugging. Keep safe, keep healthy, don’t take chemicals.


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