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Weekend Wanderings – 16th & 17th November

The rain is wonderful, but putting paid to much of planned training I suspect, take a cup of coffee at your nearest coffee bar and appreciate.

This weekend, busy as always, make a plan and get out there.

Honey Trails – Summer Series Trail Run – Sun 17th ( Valley of 1000 Hills)

5 km (R105), 10 km (R145) and 15 km (R180) are available on this course, lovely area, lots of switchbacks and double backs so you are never lost! Late entries are available for a cost on the day, so see what the weather does before you commit.

on the road running side there are 2 in this part of the world.

Greater Edendale 10km – Sun 17th (Edendale, Pmb)

10 km as the sign says, loads of entries normally, the course runs through Edendale so plenty of short sharp hills, a few dogs, cows and people, skip over some storm drains and potholes, through a makeshift ditch or 2, luckily taxis are not allowed on the route so probably will pay to be mindful. Just from a participation point of view, this would be my PICK OF THE WEEK.

Bluff Marathon – Sun 17th (Bluff, Durban)

For the more serious runners this weekend, Bluff Athletics has its annual marathon and half marathon, hopefully the route will not be washed out this week, but this is popular with the Durbanites, few hills in that area.

Anyone who wants to MTB this weekend, careful on the trails, I think Virginia is open again, Karkloof open, but all will be slippery and wet, that’s what we like, bit of mud rather than dust. Otherwise come out to the Midlands and cruise some of the district roads, you are welcome to leave vehicles at Something Used opposite the Midmar Dam gates and ride/run from there either up into the hills, along Petrus Stroom road or even into Midmar for a merry flat and fast. We should have coffee and stuff as of next week, just in time for the Triathlon at Midmar.

Remember, hydrate, increase your vitamin and booster intake naturally through moringa, turmeric, and avoid inflammation and cramp using  skeletium and canna oils. Multiple benefits from using any natural products over chemically produced ones.

Get out there and run like you mean it.


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