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Weekend Wanderings-24th to 25th August

Another stellar weekend of events to keep us KZN adventurers busy and perfect weather it looks like, so bin the chair and get out there.

Mandela MTB Dash – Saturday 24th (Capture Site Howick)

Usual gamat of races, 42 km (R200), 21 km (R150) and 10 km (R100) all through the Lions River / Caversham area, a few steep hills to contend with ,but this means good downhill to rest the legs, there are no SANDY bits as some of my riding mates once told me (excuse to warrant them leaving the carpark last). Good stretch of the legs. Even the fat old buggers on E-bikes are welcome. 8 to 8.30 start.

Mandela Day Trail Run – Sat 24th (Capture Site-Howick)

Really nice route this, good steep climbs, mainly district road and jeep track. Race entries are limited so pre-entry advisable, 6.30 start so can possibly combine this with the MTB.

Mandela Day Triathlon/Duathlon – Sat 24th (Midmar)

Triathlon season continues in the Midlands, great weather predicted, water still on the chilly side so I presume wetsuits allowed. Duathlon is 2.5 km run, 5 km cycle, 1 km run mainly for the novices. Triathlons are where the money is at!! Baby one R220 (200 swim, 5 km cycle, 2.5 km run), sprint R470 (600 swim, 20 km cycle, 5 km run) and OLYMPIC distance R700 (1.5 km swim, 40 km cycle, 10 km run). The main events only start in the afternoon, bit pricy, fast race.

Mandela Day Marathon – Sun 25th (start Edendale/Hilton)

This is main event of the weekend in terms of numbers, 42, 21 and 10 km but all are pre-entry only so if you snoozed you loozed. always well attended if a bit hectic in organisation, so best to do your own organisation for transport etc. If you are the back of the pack, maybe also organize your own water!!

Eston Trail Run – Sun 25th (Eston)

My pick of the weekend, part of the Eston show festivities so you can run and shower and drink beer at the show, FANTASTIC IDEA, plenty of stalls shows etc. there to entertain as well whilst you quaff your favourite ale, and no they do not ask me to advertise, I do it out of the goodness of my soul. Trail is 5 km (R105), 10 km (R145) and 20 km (R180) and wind through the Tala Game Reserve and cane fields, a few hill but no too taxing overall. Will have some competition from the Marathon in terms of numbers, but is always good fun. Starting 7 onwards.

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