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Weekend Wanderings – 17th & 18th August

Winter is fast retreating, still chilly but bearable. Races and events are thick this time of year and this weekend is no exception

Harburg Tour de Krantz – Sat 17th ( Harburg)

This is called Tour de Krantz for a reason, many Krantz in the area!! Nice selection of events to choose from, trail runs, MTB events and great combos to test your resilience. ONe of the best deals here is BEER after the events!! This is why it is on a Saturday! Trails runs are 5 km (R50), 10 km (R70) and 15 km (R100) so something for everyone starting at 7.30 morning time, will be chilly up there at this tome of day. MTB events are usual kiddies 10 km (R50), 25 km (R140) and 45 km (R180) and start at 8.30 onwards. this leaves plenty of time for combo trail run and MTB in any combination, but if you are doing 15 km trail and 45 km MTB you may be starting a bit behind the pack, so unless you are aiming for podium finish in MTB this is perfect for honing your fitness levels. Probably better option for most mortals with reasonable fitness and semi-intelligent is 10 km trail and 45 km MTB. Those newer to the game 10 km trail and 25 km MTB will have you ready for the Oompa band and beer.

Boston Trail Run – Sun 18th (Boston club)

Cold mornings in Boston make this a slow start, but there are 3 options here, 8 km (R60), 20 km (R150) and 45 km (R350). This is a great setting for trail runs and the 20 km should be well attended, encourage your roadie friends to cut their teeth on this one. The 45 km not for the faint hearted and starts at 6.30, yes IN THE MORNING. The request is to carry your own water bottles/hydration pack.

King Shaka Trail Run – Sun 18th (Umhlanga)

This is a fairly easy event, still plenty of short sharp climbs but I do not think there is too much single track, mostly cane roads, jeep track in this area. The weather in Umhlanga is always great so get out there for this. 5 km (R90), 10 km (R140) and 15 km (R160) events await participants and since the people in this area seldom work, there should be a good turnout.

Spar Womens 10 km – Sun 18th (Dirty old Pietermaritzburg)

Self explanatory really, fast run and poklenty of opportunity for roadies to dress up as women to get their race fix. Always well attended, not by me!!

Savages Half Marathon and 10 km – Sun 18th (Berea)

Road running up and down the hills of Durban North, good training for,  I suppose other road runs!! Should be some racing snakes in this,

Life is like running, if you want to cruise downhill at the end, it is necessary to do the uphills at the beginning. Don’t get discouraged by uphills, attack them like you mean it and you will get that downhill cruise!!


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