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Weekend Wanderings 13th-14th July

Well into winter games now, fighting hard against the urge to stay on the couch and watch cricket, tennis, athletics, golf and frankly anything that gives an excuse. Important to keep going even though the sun is late, but the weather is great this time of year for running and riding, and kids are back at school!! Forget about the thieving politicians and dodgy governance, hit the trails this weekend before they are swamped by high density developments.

Burg Wheelers Compendium – Sunday 14th (Karkloof)

Karkloof Club is a great venue for outdoor sports, well marked trails and good selection of technical and flat out speed. Compendium offers 45 km (R210), 25 km (R160) and 10 km (R70) MTB trails on Sunday, well attended so makes for a festive day for the whole family. Top bunches are competitive but you can also lurk at the back and just enjoy the forest, single tracks and jeep track that the races offer. 45 km has a good bit of single track, but not too technical, it is a fast race normally but does have a few uphills. The 25 km has less single track to keep it flowing and is a great starter race. The 10 km keeps the rest of the family happy.

Forest Hills trail – Sunday 14th (Kloof)

This is a 10 km fun run, or walk, in Kloof through the reserve there, good test for the legs if you run it, more aimed at a fun day out than any sort of racing.

Saturday there is the usual Park runs at the Duzi, Hilton, Ashburton, Lions River, Kloof, Durban, Umhlanga, Ballito etc.

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Put your heart into some good outdoor fun and hit the trails, even the roads will do if you don’t have running or riding buddies. See you out there!!

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