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Weekend Wanderings – 22nd & 23rd June

This time of year seems unusually quiet in terms of MTB and organised runs, maybe hangover from comrades but only 12000 odd run comrades, the rest are looking for action!! End of June onwards there are more than 1 to agonise over entering every weekend.

This weekend in KZN there are only 2 runs that I know of and the Downhill/Enduro style race on the MTB which is happening at Dragons Peak.

Spar Womens Race,

this is in Durban on Sunday, ladies only but some of the more talented men seem to squeeze themselves into some tight running wear, doddle the 5 km in your high heels or take on the 10 km in your tutu.

Phezulu Trail Run

The Phezulu Trail run, this is organised by KZN Trail Running but has a limited entry of 250 I think, so if you are not entered, then join me on the weekend for another DO YOUR OWN THING. This is challenging, being in the 1000 hills area, but apparently lovely scenery through your frosted heavy breathing, and some animals to be viewed, brekkie buns after the race.

MTB – Greg Minaar Downhill Series

Downhill at Dragons Peak, this is downhill style and endure racing, mainly for the aficionados of this type of hair raising speed fix, but at R500 per race day, does not come cheap.


Casual Trail running and MTB in the Karkloof from the club, nominal fee and plenty coffee, beer etc. available afterwards. there ARE REALLY NICE ROUTES FROM HERE. They have trail runs marked out, MTB routes up to 45 km and NEW GRAVEL CRUNCHING ROUTE,  which is basically district road and jeep track ,none of the pesky technical stuff that gets in our way.

Virginia Trails still not operational due to the floods from Feb,

Giba Gorge is a good option, they often organise runs on a Saturday and the trail is open for MTB.

Run in the Cascades Forest, Worlds View Forest (where you will find me) for a change to the usual plod along the roads and rubbish strewn pavements of Pmburg. Challenging as dodging the potholes, vagrants, cat-sized rats and unruly drivers may be, trail is still better.

Park runs at the Duzi, Ashburton and Hilton have all done slight changes to their routes, so that is exciting.

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